Child First Trust

SENsational Minds-Autism Assessment Service

Rhiann Marchant is a Child First Plus Associate who is able to offer ADOS-2 Assessments to schools and privately to parents, through her company SENSational Minds

How do I obtain an independent assessment?

Referrals are accepted from GP, SENCO, Speech and Language therapist, Occupational Therapist, Educational Psychologist, Therapist or Specialist Teaching Service.

What assessment tools are used for an autism assessment?

We use:

  1. Questionnaires for home, young person, and school
  2. ADOS-2 Clinical observation with the Child/Young person – face to face
  3. ADI-R clinical interview with parent/carer/informant. – virtually

What age do you assess?

We assess from age 4 through to adults. The process for adult assessment is slightly different.

How long does the whole process last?

Once a referral is received, we book the assessment within 6 weeks. Once we have the referral and signed consent forms, we will send questionnaires to all appropriate persons. We will book the assessments as close together as possible. We have the outcome for the child/person the following day from the final assessment.  Reports are written and shared within 2 weeks of assessment.

Will the report recommend next steps for further support?

Yes. We always personalise recommendations to the client. We also liase with a network of professionals to ensure that we can offer practical solutions for further support.

Is post-diagnosis support available?

Yes. SENsational Minds can support parents with school based issues such as implementation of One Plans and advising parents for the educational support that they might need for their child moving forward. We also signpost to other local parent support groups for post diagnosis support.

Can the service diagnose ADHD and prescribe medication?

No. We cannot formally diagnosis ADHD however we can use a screening tool inline with the DSM-5 to support a diagnosis in the form of a recommendation. We have links with Psychiatrists and Psychologists who offer ADHD assessment- we can refer you to their care. They are either prescribing or non-prescribing clinicians. More information on this can be shared if needed.

How much is the service?

The total cost for our assessment service is £2000. There are no hidden costs and this includes all assessment work.

How can I book for an assessment?

Call or Whatsapp 07455 177382 to arrange a time to talk the service through

Email : to request a call back and begin the booking process.