Child First Trust

1:1 Counselling for Children and Young People

Primary Counselling:


Completed Referral Forms should be emailed (password protected), to Referral forms should include the signature of the consenting parent and that of the Headteacher. 

All Referral Forms will be acknowledged within 48 hours. If you don’t receive an acknowledgement please email to ensure that your form has arrived safely.

Child First provides support for children and young people from Child First Primary Schools via one to one, solution-focused, counselling that allows them to explore their own emotions. The service strives to improve the young person’s mental health and sense of emotional wellbeing. Children from Child First Schools are able to access this support via referrals made by their school.

A range of techniques are used in sessions that allow these sessions to be tailor made to meet the young person’s needs.  These approaches include CBT techniques, NLP, relaxation, Solution Focused Therapy and strategy based work.

The service is delivered as a Tier 2 Mental Health/Wellbeing provision, with highly qualified and experienced workers.

Child First Trust’s Counselling team includes Babaljit Sekhon, Karen Ball, Laura Fryer, Stacey Cole,  Emma Youngs, Michelle Symmes and Kelly Rothery.  We are also fortunate to be working with student counsellors Kate O’Sullivan, Chris Rogers and Amber Giles.

In addition, we are ably supported by our Secondary School Counsellors, Karen Ball, Stacey Cole and Kirsty Corney.


Stacey Cole, Counsellor

Kate O Sullivan

Kate O Sullivan

Emma Youngs.jpg

Emma Youngs


Michele SymmesThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_1672.jpg

Jane Smith

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is chris-pic.jpg

Chris Rogers (Student Counsellor)

Georgi Addington Photo

Georgi AddingtonThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is debbie-hardy.jpg

Debbie Hardy

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ebony.jpg

Ebony Ford

Secondary Counselling:

Child First offers a specific counselling service to its secondary aged students. This service is provided by a team of three superb counsellors; Stacey, Karen and Kirsty!

Stacey is an experienced, creative and energetic counsellor who is working to create a proactive early intervention service for Child First Trust, based at Colchester Academy. Stacey also supports on our primary counselling programme. Whilst Karen and Kirsty share the role of secondary counsellor at St. Helena School.  Both Karen and Kirsty bring a wealth of experience to St. Helena and a strong commitment to make a difference to the lives of the students that make use of this invaluable service.


Kirsty Corney


Karen Ball

Kelly Rothery
Laura Fryer

Our new counsellors…

Nikki Davis
Amber Giles (Student Counsellor)
Shannon Montgomery
Julia Loveridge
Samantha Franklin
Lauren Stairs
Trudi Cox Newcombe
Lauren Lewis (Student Counsellor: Adults)

Peter Banes

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