Child First Trust

Clinical Psychology

Child First Trust is proud to be working with Dr Joost Drost, an independent Consultant Clinical Psychologist with over 25+ years of NHS experience.

As a Clinical Psychologist Dr Joost Drost can help families and schools when children experience emotional problems such as anger, anxiety, sadness, depression as well as problems such as sleep, eating, soiling, communication, social skills and dealing with trauma. His assessments help to think about the possible contributors to the problems, such as developmental, cognitive and environmental factors, and to develop parenting and teaching strategies to help the child.

Central to all his work is the thought that we are mentally well when we feel in control of our lives. Therefore, he is keen to find ways to empower, child, young person, parent and teacher alike, to find ways in which people can enjoy working together and to make Mental Health simple and accessible.

Joost can offer:

  • Mental Health assessments and treatments for individual children and parents at school and in their own homes.
  • Psychometric cognitive testing looking at overall intelligence and specific learning difficulties that might affect learning and behaviour, advising on how to guide, teach and parent the child.
  • Staff training on encouraging social and emotional skills in young people.
  • Staff training on dealing with Mental Health in schools.
  • Staff consultation and supervision.
  • Parenting in the Face of Anxiety and Anger, 12 hours parenting course, spread over 8 weeks.
  • Teaching in the Face of Anxiety and Anger, 8 – 12 hours course for staff to deal with intense emotions in the classroom and look after their students and themselves.
  • Guidance for class – and whole school – projects promoting emotional, social and friendship skills in schools, based on his workbooks.

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Joost has been qualified as Clinical Psychologist since 1992 and worked in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in the NHS for over 25 years. The work inspired him to write and publish books encouraging positive mental health in families and schools through a combination of story work and therapeutic activities.

He is registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and a chartered member of the British Psychological Society and has a full professional insurance.

Child First School are able to access Joost by completing the Child First Referral form ( or by accessing Joost directly by emailing

Costs £ 100 per hour, £250 for 3 hour morning or afternoon, £500 for whole day*.

*(travel over 5 miles from Colchester will be added)

Evenings and weekends available.

(There will be 10% discount for Child First Schools)