Child First Trust

Family Support

Amanda Rowe and Jacky Curtis provide an invaluable Family Support Service for all Child First schools.

Schools may choose to access this support for a wide variety of reasons – perhaps parents are struggling with their child’s behaviour at home, poor attendance, concerns about a particular family, helping to build a positive relationship between home and school and support to access other services such as CAMHS and MIND.

amanda rowe photo

Amanda Rowe, Family Support Worker

Amanda and Jacky work hard to develop a good understanding of the families they work with, frequently resulting in being able to ‘unlock’ the underlying issues which affect school attendance, attainment, positive parenting and family dynamics.

Head Teachers and SENCOs at the schools using the service know that, once a referral has been made, Jacky or Amanda will respond by contacting the family, usually within two days, and follow this up with a Home Visit to ascertain the presenting issues. Schools are always up-dated with progress on a particular case, and are confident that ‘day to day’ concerns will be carefully monitored, relieving school staff of the the added pressures of deciding how they can best support that family.



Jacky Curtis, Family Support Worker

Both Jacky and Amanda are confident about the TEAM AROUND THE CHILD process and both have significant experience of attending, chairing and minuting meetings. CHILD PROTECTION issues are always discussed with Head Teachers and relevant referrals made. They also attend and fully participate in Child Protection Conferences when necessary.

Parenting Support Programmes have been facilitated by Jacky and Amanda at a range of schools including FRAIRS GROVE, HIGHWOODS PRIMARY, NORTH COUNTY PRIMARY, ST JAMES’ C OF E, ST JOHN’S GREEN, WILLOWBROOK AND COLCHESTER ACADEMY.

Child First Schools are reminded that, to make a referral they can contact Jacky or Amanda directly.

AMANDA: 07772268691

JACKY: 07732122688

” It really helps me when I talk to you. Its so nice to be able to say what I am feeling and know that I am not being judged.” Child First Parent.

 ” Thank you so much for your advise, I have tried the things you said and its like having a new boy in the family, my son is so much calmer now and the whole family are happier.”  Child First Parent

You can download a copy of the Child First Trust Referral Form from the link below:


A copy of the Family Operations Request for Support Form. RFS Form

Children and Families Request for Support Form


Our next Parenting Workshop, Step by Step, will begin on 16th January 2023, held at Queen Boudica Primary School.

This is an 8 week course, fully funded by Child First Trust for the parents of Child First Schools.

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