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Play Therapy – Shine with Play


Shine With Play is a Play Therapy provider based in South Suffolk, run by certified Play Therapist, Madeleine Powell.

Madeleine can provide an assessment and treatment plan based on the child’s needs through consultation with parents, teachers, the child and other professionals involved in the child’s life.

Madeleine Powell

What is play therapy?

Play is children’s natural way of expressing themselves. Instead of talking through what is troubling them, if they prefer, children can use play to express their feelings and problems.

Play therapy is integrative, working with the conscious and the unconscious and also holistic, working with the whole child and whatever they bring to the sessions.

Who is it suitable for?

Play therapy uses play as the main communication tool so it can be very helpful for children where communication causes challenges. This could be because of their age or developmental stage or might be part of the presenting issue such as selective mutism.

Because play therapy is not reliant on verbal expression it can be suitable for many children, and can help explore and alleviate issues such as:

  • Abuse (Emotional, Physical, Sexual)
  • Attachment Issues
  • Anxiety                       
  • Bereavement / Loss   
  • Bullied / Bullies          
  • Communication Problems
  • Coping with SEND
  • Disruptive behaviour
  • Nightmares
  • Peer relationships      
  • Selective mutism       
  • Trauma

What is a session like?

Play therapy is one-to-one sessions between the child and the therapist in a confidential space, lasting around 45 minutes (depending on the age and capacities of the child). The child has access to creative materials provided by the therapist that can include: sand, clay, paint, puppets, dressing up and music. A risk assessment will be provided to show how COVID safe working is maintained.

A large part of the success of play therapy depends on the therapeutic relationship between the child and the therapist. For this reason, Shine With Play usually recommends a minimum of 12 sessions to allow this relationship to be built.


Madeleine has been a Certified Play Therapist since 2018, with a Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy, registered on the PSA accredited Play Therapy UK Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapist and has full professional insurance and an enhanced DBS check. As part of maintaining the highest standards of professional registration, Madeleine has regular clinical supervision and undertakes CPD every year.


£60 per session

£100 half school day (2 sessions)

£190 full school day (4 sessions)