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Play Therapy – Emerging Butterflies


The Child First Play Therapist is accessed via Child First PLUS.

In addition to the services commissioned directly by Child First Trust, the Trustees are committed to increasing access to high quality provision for member schools. To make this possible the Child First PLUS initiative was developed.

Child First PLUS enables trusted and respected individuals and companies to offer their services to member schools at a pre-agreed ‘discounted rate’.  Schools are able to access a Child First PLUS partner confident in the knowledge that they have

  • An excellent track record and reputation in their chosen field.
  • A current, clear Enhanced DBS Certificate. (This will be either verified against the portability service or provided by the individual company directly, as a freelance provider).
  • Provided certificated copies of their key qualifications.
  • Returned at least 2 satisfactory references and
  • Have recently (within the last two years) have completed safeguarding training.

Critically, work can be commissioned very simply. Schools just complete the simple Child First Plus Referral Form.

This should be emailed DIRECTLY to the consultant/company concerned. All referrals require the approval of the Headteacher. The Consultants will get back at their earliest convenience to confirm availability/waiting times etc. At the end of each month, all Child First PLUS consultants will invoice Child First for work undertaken with any Member Schools in a single invoice – and schools will, in turn, be sent a single invoice for the services they accessed.

This service is available to Child First Member Schools for £33 per hour for 1:1 work.

Group Therapy work is available at £50 per hour.

Play Therapy 

Kimberley Hammond, Director and Founder of Emerging Butterflies is a qualified and highly experienced Play Therapist. She has worked within schools, the NHS (specifically with ASD and learning disability), CAMHS and fostering service with Children looked after. Kimberley is highly creative in her work and is able to offer  a range of different interventions including;

 Individual Play Therapy

20171218_120518.jpgKimberley can offer Individual Play Therapy with young people, who are referred due to various emotional and developmental difficulties. By providing a trusting and non judgemental environment she is able to support children and young people who are experiencing:

  • Nightmares/disturbed sleep
  • Withdrawn
  • Trouble communicating/expressing themselves
  • Family difficulties (sibling rivalry and parental separations)
  • Sensory needs
  • Self-identity concerns
  • Low self esteem
  • Peer relationships
  • Difficulting forming enabling trusting relationships
  • Traumatic experience
  • Bullying
  • Inappropriate behaviour/play
  • Anxiety/stress

Group Play Therapy

Kimberley is able to provide group therapy to children who are dealing with similar difficulties, this is usually in the form of weekly groups for approx. 1hour lasting for around 6 weeks. The difficulties could be

  • Parental separation
  • Bereavement
  • Bullying
  • Self-esteem difficulties

Our Play Therapist, Kimberley Hammond is also able to offer Yoga for children and young people! Please see the Yoga Tab.

REFERRAL FORMS should be emailed to Kimberley at

Please make sure you are clear that you are accessing the service via Child First.