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Parenting Together Support Programme

The Parenting Together Support Programme is fully funded and available to eligible families in Essex. Our Family Support Workers, Jacky Curtis and Amanda Rowe are able to make referrals into this scheme.

‘We recognise that family stability is the key to delivering the best outcomes for children and young people, and that good parental relationships (whether together or not) are at the heart of that stability.

Arguments and conflict between parents occur for a number of reasons and when they are managed and resolved there are few, if any, lasting effects on the relationship or on children. However, where arguments are frequent, intense and poorly resolved, children can be affected in many different ways; they may feel responsible, become withdrawn, sad or angry.  These effects can have many impacts including their ability to form and maintain healthy relationships of their own.

If you feel you know of a family in need of support to resolve/manage conflict in their relationship you may wish to follow the links below to check  ‘Parenting Together’ eligibility criteria and/or to make a referral.

A new leaflet for the programme has been produced for all practitioners working with families. Click the link below to view the leaflet and print out a copy if required.

Leaflet for referrers

Leaflet for parents

Eligible parents will be able to access the following new evidence based interventions through this programme:

For high level conflict:

For moderate conflict:

The level of conflict will be determined by the parent completing a referral questionnaire.

Who can be referred:

  • Parents experiencing a level of stress or conflict in their relationship (can be low level)
  • Parents who are workless (or if not, in a disadvantaged/low income household)
  • Parents can receive support whether they are together or separated, and they can be already in receipt of any level of support from Children’s Services or other services (e.g. open to social care)
  • Parents will be able to access the programmes in community locations and will be supported with childcare and travel costs if needed.

Who can make a referral:

Any practitioner supporting families in Hertfordshire, Essex, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire or Southend can make a referral, regardless of which agency or voluntary organisation they work for. They are also working towards the programme accepting self-referrals.

If you find that a parent doesn’t meet the ‘Parenting Together’ criteria and/or you or they feel they need support in other areas (eg, parenting, mediation, family support, mental health) then visit the Essex Effective Support website where you will find information on how to access Essex County Council services alongside a comprehensive Directory of Services Guide that lists support available at both a local, county and national level.