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The Power Project

The Power Project supports children and young people from across Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET).

POWER practitioners offer direct support to children and young people aged 8-13 and their parents or carers to help them develop ways of coping with challenging situations at home, at school and in their local communities. POWER also seeks to support schools to develop effective methods to enable children and young people to be successful in school.

Child First SENCO’s/Heads are invited to make referrals and/or call if they feel that the Power Project could be of use.

Typically, the children and young people POWER seeks to help will be struggling to engage at school, attending irregularly or truanting internally and will have had contact with or be known to the police (perhaps as a victim). However, they will not yet have been criminalised (i.e. they will not have been convicted of an offence).

Children and young people who are currently being supported by Social Care or the Youth Offending Service are not eligible for support from the POWER project.

Power Practitioners will work directly with the child or young person, their parents or carers, school and teachers.

The link below takes you to their leaflet that includes a flow chart of their work from referral to case closure.  POWER Project LeafletV3

A copy of the recent Powerpoint Presentation made by Gary Newell can be found here:

Power Presentation data to end Jul 19

Referral and contact information:

Please email both: and

Or call 03330 138926

A link to the 2021 online referral form for the Power Project can be found here:

Click here to refer to the POWER project (new link 2021)

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