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SENsational Minds


SENsational Minds Ltd is an independent specialist teaching advice service for children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder serving schools throughout Essex and Suffolk. This service is offered by Rhiann Staines who is a fully qualified teacher. Rhiann also holds the National Award for SEN coordination qualification and a master’s degree in Autism (Children).

Rhiann is also a fully qualified independent ADOS-2 assessor who works in collaboration with Colchester CAMHS to support diagnosis for children who may present with autistic or attention/behavioural related difficulties. Her skills and expertise in this field have developed through her experience of working with a range of children and adolescents on the spectrum. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with professionals and parents to help support and improve outcomes for children and adolescents on the spectrum.

SENsational Minds Ltd aims to provide:

  • Expert specialist teaching advice for individual pupils and to all education providers including Early Years Settings, Primary and Secondary Schools.
  • Focused observation, 1:1 pupil sessions, reports to complement statutory and non- statutory requirements.
  • Training and Professional Development sessions for staff.
  • Parental advice and support sessions.

Referral process:

Following the referral to Child First, a telephone or email consultation will take place.  Following this consultation, an outline of the proposed work will be created, an appointment letter, terms and conditions and parental consent (if appropriate) will be circulated to the school for completion prior to the visit.


£50 per hour for in school work.

Example of specialist teaching work/advice costing:

9am-12noon= £150. Cost includes classroom observation, 1:1 work with the pupil, meeting with parent (if required), meeting with teachers/support staff to discuss recommendations and written contact note and recommendations for future

For more information or to discuss your requirements,  please visit  or email