Child First Trust

The Listening Project

The Listening Project

St Helena School and Colchester Academy are members of Child First Trust and this means that their students and families are able to access a wide range of services including family support and counselling. As part of this offer, Child First are offering our families a chance to access a new programme called The Listening Project. This project will initially run between July and August 2020.

The Covid-19 pandemic and period of lockdown has changed life significantly for many of us.  The ‘Listening Project’ is a short-term service, running during July and August to provide short-term therapeutic support by way of telephone or email contact and signposting to support networks/agencies whilst schools are closed for the summer. 

This service is open to both pupils and parents of Child First Secondary Schools, subject to availability.  In order to access the service all you need to do is complete the referral form which can be found by clicking on the link below. Please email the completed form to

Child First will then contact a member of the school pastoral team to confirm your eligibility (you just need to have a student on roll!). School will share any other helpful information with The Listening Project and the Listening Project Facilitator will then be in touch to discuss ways in which she can help.  You will then be able to access up to four hours of support. If more time is required then the project will do its best to point you in the direction of additional help.