Child First Trust

Thrive Network

A number of Child First Schools have chosen to adopt the Thrive Approach within their schools.

Those Child First schools with a Thrive Licensed Practitioner are encouraged to join the MTEP/Child First Thrive Network.

The Thrive Network is suitable for
  • Those that have completed their Thrive Training and are now Licensed Practitioners.
  • Those that are hoping to undertake Thrive Training and
  • SENCO’s etc who may be considering Thrive and would like the opportunity to ‘listen in’ and ask questions in relation to Thrive.

There is no cost for attendance at Thrive Network Meetings.

The date of the next meeting Monday 20th January 2020, St John’s Primary School, Colchester. 

Previous Minutes
Please find below minutes from our last Thrive Network meeting and attachments for information as below:
Minute from last meeting.
ANON Risk Reduction PlanRisk Reduction Plan Example for use with Individual Pupils

Thrive CPD Training requirement Table – to be completed and returned please
Risk Assessment Example for Adaptation for Classroom Environment


We hope to see as many of our schools represented as possible. This promises to be a really helpful and progressive meeting.

If you could please confirm the name of any attendees from your school to either or that would be most helpful). Schools are welcome to send 1 or 2 attendees.