Child First Trust

Thrive Network

Child First Trust is delighted to be funding the Thrive Network.

The Child First Thrive Network will be suitable for
  • Those that have completed their Thrive Training and are now Licensed Practitioners.
  • Those that are hoping to undertake Thrive Training as part of Cohort 2 and
  • (to a lesser extent) SENCO’s etc who may be considering Thrive and would like the opportunity to ‘listen in’ and ask questions in relation to Thrive.


There will be no cost for attendance at Thrive Network Meetings as these are funded by Child First Trust.

Child First Thrive Network Meeting One:

January 18th 2018. 9.30-11.45am
Venue: Colchester tbc.
The main purpose of the meeting will be to
  • Reflect briefly upon the Thrive Training
  • Review the Thrive Approach and it’s implementation back in school, the impact to date.
  • Consider the challenges of Thrive and the ways these have been addressed.
  • Share best practise/ideas and resources.
  • DEVELOP a tool for measuring the IMPACT of Thrive on an individual student level. The THRIVE IMPACT TOOL will subsequently be made available to all Child First Schools.
We hope to see as many of our schools represented as possible. This promises to be a really helpful and progressive meeting.
If you could please confirm the name of any attendees from your school to either or that would be most helpful). Schools are welcome to send 1 or 2 attendees.
Venue to be confirmed as soon as possible.  (Will be Colchester).