Child First Trust

Speech Therapy

Child First member schools have, for many years, been fortunate enough to have had  commissioned support from Speech and Language Therapist, Nicki Worth of Therapy Solutions.  The work commissioned by Child First Trust has enabled our schools to build vital capacity and significant internal skills. Nicki has helped our Headteachers, SENCOs and individual children and has been a much valued member of the Child First team.

nicki.jpgIn January, due to unforeseen personal circumstances, Nicki had to hand over the responsibility for Child First’s Speech and Language Therapy to C and D Therapy Solutions.  Her input and insight will be greatly missed by us all.

Lizzie Fox, Cassie Pierson, Helen Rice and Anita Frediani will be joining the team and will be working with Nicki to ensure a smooth and a seamless handover. They are well placed to build up the excellent foundations already laid by Nicki.

CDTheir work with Child First schools will be wide and varied, ensuring that all schools access the support commissioned for them. C and D Therapy Solutions will be able to offer,

  • Continued Professional Development,  for SENCO’s and other relevant staff.
  • Support for Child First Head, SENCOs and LSA’s.  Ensuring that children with speech and language issues are able to access help  as early as possible and that our SENCOs are facilitated to offer speech and language interventions with confidence, ensuring timely support.
  • Individual, child focused support. Working directly with the children, their class teachers and/or LSA’s to suggest activities and programmes of support.
  • Any other help required in the fields of Speech and Language Therapy.

Cassie Pierson


Anita Frediani


Helen Rice

Child First school wishing to engage the support of C and D Therapy should contact Cassie Pierson

The referral form for completion can be downloaded from the link below:

Referral form_updated

Information Notice Clients – amend to T&C

REFERRALS should be sent, by encrypted email to Cassie Pierson, or by hard copy.

For a copy of C and D’s Privacy Impact Assessment please click on the link below:


Have your say…

Here’s what you have to say about your Child First Trust SLT Service;

“You are vital to our work in secondary; we didn’t used to have access to S&L at this level and it isn’t as if S&L issues disappear when a student leaves primary school.”

“Please carry on as you are! Nicki, you are a real asset to our school. Thank you!”

“Excellent service – I can’t think of how to improve it!”

“No improvement required! – A very valuable, and valued, service.”

“Please continue with your pro-active stance of booking in appointments for Foundation up to Year Two. Continue with providing up to date resources and information/courses. I would be grateful for any provision you feel applicable for our Middle Phase which may be more recent than Black Sheep resources which we may currently have.”

Speech Therapy Reports

You can view our quarterly Speech Therapy Reports by clicking on the IMPACT tab above and scrolling down to REPORTS (or just clicking on the words IMPACT or REPORT).

 Child First school wishing to engage the support of C and D Therapy should contact Cassie Pierson 

Child First Schools are also able to access additional hours, over and above those commissioned by Child First, through Child First PLUS. This means that schools can request additional support from C and D Therapy and will be invoiced by Child First at the end of each month.

Please see the Speech Therapy Child First PLUS Tab under services.


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